A few words about KEDE


The Center for Scientific Dialogue and Research (Κέντρο Επιστημονικού Διαλόγου και Έρευνας — ΚΕΔΕ) is a fairly recent NGO and research center, founded in 2007 in Cyprus. Its aim is to promote dialogue and research in a scientific manner. The Center was essentially founded, following the accession of the Republic of Cyprus in the European Union and in order to provide a forum for Cypriot researchers, to promote inter-disciplinary research and dissemination of research findings towards the Cypriot society.

The Center currently has more than 100 members, most of whom are University Professors, researchers or successful professionals in their relative fields. The Center focuses particularly on Social Sciences and Humanities’ issues (SSH), while it has performed remarkable activity in the Information and Communications Technologies’ field (ICT).

The Center has successfully submitted numerous bids and has completed successful projects for the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus and the European Parliament and it has received funding from the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and the European Commission. It has recently undertaken the publication of the Cyprus and European Law Review, a leading law journal in Cyprus. For two and a half years the Center was responsible for the editing of the journal Sychroni Apopsi (Contemporary Opinion), which focuses on political and social issues.