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NEW: Applicants have been selected (see below)

Workshop Reference number: 2011-1-CY1-GRU13-01699

Venue: Nicosia

Date of the Workshop: 23/04/2012 – 29/04/2012

Subject area: Cultural heritage, European citizenship and European dimension, History and social science

Working language(s): English

Serial numbers of the applicants selected for participation:

75, 46, 261, 262, 67, 65, 52, 64, 47, 135, 127, 119, 213, 108, 264, 194, 196

Target Group + Translation:

Adults interested in history, archaeology and social sciences, non-professional researchers and observers of European antiquity and history, European civilians interested in politics and arts


Main activities Programme + Programme translation:

The main activities of the Workshop consist of a combination of lectures by experts, interactive dialogue in groups and field work for the participants. All activities will be aiming at observing, analyzing and interpreting influences of Greek and Roman antiquity over the modern way of life in Europe (20th – 21st centuries), focusing particularly on these influences as found in the areas of politics, advertisement and art. Participants from several European countries will watch the expert presentations and the especially prepared video spots, they will examine items such as posters, coins, decorations and pieces of art, they will visit ancient monuments and museums and they will walk through the streets of the cities of Cyprus in search of elements of reception of antiquity. The participants will be asked to observe and note down what they consider as ancient influences on the modern way of life and they will be expected to discuss their findings with their co-participants, exchanging thus experiences and views concerning our common, ancient European heritage. A detailed program will be published on the website of the organizer ( ).

The Workshop’s findings will be uploaded to a web site, especially made for its needs, as well as to other communication and media spots. The organizers hope that a new debate will be launched, which will exceed the Workshop and lead to further research and knowledge development concerning our views of antiquity and how these influence our thought today.


Workshop Organiser: Kentro Epistimonikou Dialogou kai Erevnas

Contact details: 74 Arsinois street

1010, Nicosia


Tel.: 35799566148

Fax: 35722665968



Participation criteria

The participants/learners will be selected among the applicants who will have submitted their applications by December 2, 2011, 13:30pm CET (14:30pm local time). Each applicant will receive an application serial number right after the closing of the applications’ period. The applicants who will be selected for participation will be notified by December 9, 2011 and they will have to reply by accepting or rejecting participation within one week. The final list of the application serial numbers of the participants will be uploaded to the organizers’ website by December 16, 2012.

The organizers have set the following participation criteria in an effort to rationalize the selection process:

· Factual interest for Greek and Roman antiquity and their modern interpretations.

· Active participation to programs and activities related to the Workshop.

· Active participation to civil society organizations.

Applicants who fulfill the aforementioned criteria will be settled in a priority list. Other personal information provided by the applicants may enhance their bids as well. In any case all the applications will be individually examined. There are no exclusion criteria other than those set by the funding authority. The information needed for the selection process will be derived by the content of the application forms which must be filled and submitted to the organizers (see below).


Submission of applications

The applicants must fill the application form electronically, print, sign and post it to the organizers, to the following address:

Center for Scientific Dialogue and Research (Kentro Epistimonikou Dialogou kai Erevnas)

74 Arsinois street

1010, Nicosia





After the application form (hard copy) is posted, the applicant should notify the organizers by sending an email, in which the application form should be attached, in case the hard copy is delayed.

Any applications submitted after the default date and time (hard copy and email notification) will be automatically rejected.


Joint applications

There is an option of joint applications for maximum three applicants who wish to participate together. Applicants who do not wish to participate in case their mate’s/mates’ application(s) is/are rejected, must submit a joint application, with corresponding application forms in the same envelope and corresponding files attached in the same email. Joint applications will be jointly approved or rejected. See below for the accommodation arrangements.


Transport details

The organizers are responsible for the transportation fees. The participants will book and purchase their air tickets by selecting among flight options approved by the organizers. Once ticket booking and purchase is accomplished the participants must send all the booking and flight details to the organizers. The participants will be fully refunded by the organizers on arrival to Cyprusonly by providing the flight invoice or the flight card. The participants’ transport from the airport to the accommodation place and vice versa will be organized by the organizers. In case a participant uses local transportation means he/she will be fully refunded. For the needs of the workshop, the organizers will rent a fully air conditioned coach.

The organizers are not obliged to pay for any fees for transports outside the workshop activities (i.e. free time private transports).

Note: Flights which arrive to airports other than Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airportare not eligible, according to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus



The participants will stay in a three-star hotel in Nicosia, bed and breakfast, which will be booked and paid by the organizers. All the accommodation details will be announced to the participants prior to their arrival.

In case two or three (maximum) participants wish to share the same hotel room, they will have to make a relevant statement in their application form, part II.1, in the box “Other Information You Would Like to Mention”. If for example applicants A and B wish to share the same room in case their applications are approved, they must both make the following statement in their application forms: “I wish to share my hotel room with applicant A/B”. Their request will be taken under consideration in case all the respective applicants make the statement and all the respective applications are approved. In case two or three applicants submit a joint application and wish to share the same room, the statement must be included in all the application forms.

The organizers will provide the participants with two meals a day. Presence at group meals which will take place during the activities of the workshop will be obligatory. Presence at group meals which will take place outside/after the workshop’s activities will be optional.


Attendance certification

After the end of the workshop’s activities the participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance. Moreover, the organizers will prepare (and provide the participants with) a special publication including a description of the activities and major findings of the workshop, as well as relevant photos.


Day Date Learning activities’ program

Local time

Arrival O4/22/2012  
1 04/23/2012 10-11am: Morning coffee-welcome

11:15-1:15am: Introductory speeches by the organizers and the teachers. Discussion about learning and research methodology

1:30-2:30pm: Lunch break

2:30-3:30pm: Completion of questionnaires and general discussion about the activities’ program

2 04/24/2012 9:30-11:00am: Visit to Cyprus Archaeological Museum and to the Museum of Archaeology of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

1:15-2:45pm: Lunch break

3-4:30pm: Visit to Laiki Yitonia (folk neighborhood in Nicosia), observation and recording of influences / modern interpretations of antiquity

3 04/25/2012 9:30-11:30am: Meeting and presentation of previous day’s results and discussion. Speech by an expert on modern perceptions of the antiquity

11:45-1:15pm: Visit to the Museum of the History of Cypiot Coinage of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

1:30-2:30pm: Lunch break

2:45-4:30pm: Respite

4:45-6:00pm: Presentation of experiences from Greece and Italy

4 04/26/2012 9:30-1:30pm: Visit to Paphos. Tour to the archeological sites of the town

1:45-3:00pm: Lunch break

3:00-5:00pm: Tour to Paphos’s tourist and commercial roads. Observation and location of cases of modern interpretation of the antiquity

5 04/27/2012 10:00-11:30am: Meeting and presentation of the results of the visit to Paphos, followed by discussion. Summary of activities, share of the participants’ impressions and comments

11:30-1:15pm: Visit to a museum of modern art and speech by a specialist on modern perceptions of antiquity in art. Reference to examples. Recording of the results and discussion on the expert’s speech

1:15-3pm: Lunch break

3-4:30pm: Respite

4:30-6:30pm: Speeches by specialists and presentations of video-audio material, concerning modern perceptions of the antiquity in advertisement and politics in Cyprus, Greece and Italy. Discussion and exchange of ideas regarding the results of the learners’ field work and personal experiences

6 04/28/2012 9:30-1:15pm: Visit to the ancient theater of Kourion and to the temple to Apollo Ilatis

1:15-3pm: Lunch break

3-6pm: Visit to the city of Limassol. Afternoon coffee and discussion about the visit to the archeological sites

7 04/29/2012 10-12pm: Review meeting. Discussion concerning the workshop’s activities, its results and its organization

12-1pm: Completion of questionnaires

1:15-3pm: Lunch break

6:00-7:45pm: Presentation of photos taken during the workshop activities. Certificates awarding

8μμ: Farewell dinner

8 04/30/2012 Departure